SSC Wood Technologies S.A. is dedicated to the production of high quality native sawn wood from Chile.

Adhering to the SSC Group’s fundamental principles of environmental and social responsibility, SSC Wood Technologies S.A.’s mission consists of offering wood to international markets that is competitive in costs and in quality.

At the moment, SSC Wood Technologies in its first commercial phase which consists of operating a series of selected machines which have been specially developed for Chilean native wood characteristics. Likewise, in conjunction with the SSC Group, the company is constantly working in developing new markets and creating specific wood-processing techniques and technologies.

In accordance with the SSC Group’s strategy, SSC Wood Technologies S.A.’s Curacautin-based plant in the Chilean IX Region, is SFM– certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), as a SLIMF group (Small and Low Intensity Forest Management) for its forest operation, and CoC-certified by FSC standards for its industry plant. Additionally in 2010, it was the world’s first sawmill certified under Fairtrade criteria (FLO), combining forest sustainability with Fair trade, to date only three companies have achieved this dual  certification.

María Inés Miranda, Managing Director.