SSC Americas, is an SSC Group company created in 2004 with the objective of providing consultancy services focus on the promotion of forest certification, sustainable forest management and the forest industry in Latin America. We offer integrated solutions to increase the forest resource value for all stakeholders.


    The SSC Group includes SSC Forestry based in Sweden, Wildhorus Ltd. in the United Kingdom, SSC Africa in South Africa, SSC Americas and SSC Wood Technologies in Chile, and Viteca in El Salvador.

    The group mission´s is “to provide assistance in sustainable development ensuring that it takes into account economic, social and environmental aspects”

    the group's clients include some of the major forestry companies in Latin America and South Africa, in addition to the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) and the IFC / World Bank.

    One central objective of the group to participate in economic development and contribute to poverty alleviation by creation of partners in target countries, providing them with the capacity to carry out the development of new ventures.

  • Our Team

    Maria Ines Miranda
    Manager. Contact: miranda@ssc-americas.com

    Berty Van Hensbergen
    President. Contact: berty@wildhorus.com

    Klas Bengtssom
    Director. Contact: klas.bengtssom@ssc-forestry.com

    Isabel Dumas
    Wood Control (FSC). Contact: isabel@ssc-americas.com

    Angélica Gálvez
    Administration. Contact: angelica@ssc-americas.com